Sérgio Vidal

Machine shop
Familiar scene
Sunday Scene
Cookie Aipim
Fla x Flu
Dawn Carnival

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Sérgio Vidal
1945, Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro

Before becoming an artist, he worked in several activities, as electronics, metallurgy, photography, commerce, and accounting. By familiar influence – his mother was a church organist and his father an ensemble conductor – he developed an interest for music, adopting acoustic guitar ah his instrument. After meeting Heitor dos Prazeres, he discovered the world of fine arts, and transforms his bedroom in a creation laboratory. The result is a painting with a strong link to reality, a sincere account of the life in Rio, bohemian scenes, candid aspects of the daily life, and an unpretentious way of good life.

Catalog - POP BRAZIL: Folk Art and the popular in Art | CCBBs - Gama, 2002
Catalog - POP BRASIL: popular Art and the popular in Art | CCBB – Gama, 2002

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